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Many card variations to be added, you can submit your own also!

3 Easy steps to get your own metal card

Step #1

Select your card design you want. After confirmation of payment you will receive all instructions via email.


Temporary Block your current card before seding it to us (via your banks app)


Then send it via secure mail (use DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT etc) and send your card to us.


We will never ask you for any details regarding your card.

Step #2

Once the card arrives to us, we will begin the transfer process. We will email you every step of the way.


This will take 1-2 days to complete.


You will need to approve the card before we ship it back to you (you will know how it will look before it arrives)


Then the new metal card, along with the old plastic card, will be on their way to you.

Step #3

After you receive your new metal card, you will also receive your old card.


Remember to unblock your card so you can use it.


Now you can enjoy your brand new metal card.

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